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Like most exercise you get back into, the first day is always the easiest.

It’s like the first day back running, easy as pie and the second day is as hard as – well you fill in the blank.

I had to take many deep breaths during first day at Untied , and I looked forward to finally catching it at yoga.

The breath is one of the most important aspects of yoga.

Very often we forget to breathe and it adds to stress. By simply remembering to inhale and exhale – and not hold our breath – stress can exit as quickly as it enters the mind.

In yoga, you are supposed to breathe deeply in and out, holding the breath – both for the inhale and exhale – as long as you can. You’re supposed to feel the breath come in and up the body from the bottom of your belly out the tip of your nostrils.

Concentrating so hard on breathing – a task forgotten in the daily hustle and bustle of life – wipes your mind of other thoughts and helps you focus only on the task at hand – your practice.

I was surprised how quickly just focusing on breathing relieved me. I got high off yoga again for the first time in a long time – I didn’t expect it.

I guess my tolerance has gone down.

Yoga high: 2