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When life gives you lemons, sometimes you just can’t make lemonade.

I couldn’t squeeze the best out of yoga today and had to untie myself from yoga for the day. I over-challenged myself by trying out the advanced class.

I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into.

The class began with a reading that was over my head – yogi literature the advanced students (some of whom were also teachers at the studio) all seemed to understand – and then continued all in Sanskrit – not in English. I tried to keep up by peeking to see what my neighbors were doing (we’re supposed to have our eyes closed), but had to roll up my mat and leave.

The instructor urged me to modify the poses, but she and I both knew that it might be best if I left quietly and didn’t interrupt the flow of the class.

Ideally yoga should be practiced everyday for optimal benefits in clearing the mind. Even though I left early — at least I tried.

Sometimes you just have to take a breather from everything to clear your mind.

So, I decided not to be bothered at my failed attempt, grabbed a Kombucha tea – a drink sold at the vegan restaurant below the studio and popular among the yogis – and jauntily walked home.

Walking in the sunny weather, drinking the healthy refreshment, and knowing I challenged myself was enough for me today.

Yoga high: 0

An example of the challenges in advanced vinyasa flow: