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I woke up to shooting pain down my arms.

‘What’s a matter with me?!’ I thought.

My mind’s conversation for the day began.

Slowly awaking and wondering what was a matter with me, I remembered: Yoga. I was feeling the effects of using muscles my body forgot about.

Luckily, after day two at Untied, the second day of yoga was restorative.

Which translates to a class of savasana (corpse pose where you lie and meditate at the end of each session). Meaning my sore muscles didn’t have to do any work.

In this practice, my only job was relaxing and meant to quiet your mind. You do a series of stretches and essentially mediate all class long.

It’s bliss after a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. day of meetings.

My instructor told the class to focus on the spot between our brows, centering ourselves and quieting all the loose canons going off in our head.

It was a day of mental, not physical, practice, which is much harder for me and exactly what I set out to do on this journey.

At the end of the class, I felt calm, thought-free, and my body tingled with that high-on-life sensation, but let’s just say I have a long way to go on my destination to mental clarity.

Yoga high: 1.5