I can talk about it all day, every day, nights and weekends included. It’s my favorite topic, and maybe it’s yours too. Let’s face it: women are no less sexual beings than men, and I think that’s cause for celebration!

Welcome to Sex and Psyche, a blog about exploring female sexuality. This is NOT a blog on dating advice or sex advice for couples. This blog is about YOU and getting in touch with what turns you on. It’s about claiming your sexuality if you’ve never found it, reclaiming it if you’ve lost it, and enhancing it if you’ve got it and it’s raring to go.

This blog will feature topics and questions about how a woman can enhance her sexual agency for herself, by herself. Unfortunately, I’m no Dr. Ruth. I didn’t get my degree in sexology, but (perhaps laughably) in English Literature. And although I’m not a sex therapist, I hope you’ll think of me as your biggest advocate for sexual well being, both in body and mind. I’ll be your cheerleader, color guard and marching band rooting for hot, single sex.

Dr. Ruth
Thank heaven for Dr. Ruth.

From recent studies and books to new gadgets (the rabbit, anyone?) and trends, there’s a wealth of information on having a healthy, sexy, solo love life. I’ll be your aggregator of all the expert knowledge that’s out there. (Or if you prefer, you can think of me as your lubed-up conduit to all this juicy info.)

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t have an active and satisfying sex life. With Sex and Psyche, I’d like to create a safe place for women to talk and think about sexuality, a place where we can discuss our own bodies, our own minds, our own drives and urges.

Let’s talk about sex!