Vermont’s wilderness here I come.

Today’s the day I leave for my exciting week long, primitive skills class, in East Calais, Vermont. I think I have everything I need to make it through…tent, sleeping bag, ground pad, and knife thanks to Jen Ward and Mark Barber. What life savers. I’d be sleeping under the stars otherwise.

I’m excited to get  into the woods. Not sure exactly how long the excitement will last before it turns into regret, but for the time being I’m looking forward to getting back in touch with the natural world.

I’ve been camping, but nothing this intense before. And never for this long-six nights. Years ago in Girl Scouts we “camped” for the weekend, but our leaders thought it a better idea to stay on the floor of a lodge with a fire place, full kitchen, running water and working plumbing.  Really roughing it.

Next came camp outs in my backyard. They were great. We’d stay in the tent until we heard a chipmunk or felt too strong a breeze around the tent. Into the house we’d run and make a fort in living room with warm blankets and comfy pillow.

When I got a Jeep Wrangler, the backyard camping trips turned into off-roading weekends. And they still weren’t really roughing it. All we did was sleep in a tent. During the day we had the luxury of a car, an off-roading venue that was ready and willing to  serve us already dead, cooked food and purified water. Soda if we wanted.

This only seems the next logical step though, in my camping timeline. I’ve conquered everything else. So bring on the bear boxes, and moose, the spearheads  to kill our food, the shelter of leaves and mud.

Only problem I have right now-I can’t seem to fit my hair straightener.