Imagine being compared to her.
How would you respond?

Brodie Dalle doesn’t care.  The thing about the Distillers’ lead singer and guitarist is that constant comparisons to sleaze queen Courtney Love almost work for her.  Hell, they might even inspire her.

Whats most likely though is that she truly doesn’t give a crap. The Distiller’s 2003 disc shows that Dalle has plenty to write about already. Not every girl marries one rock singer only to divorce him for another.

brodieDalle and Co. wrote Coral Fang after her breakup with mohawked legend Tim Armstrong of the punk band Rancid. Not long after, she was engaged to slick falsetto redhead Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.

Like a girl dumping her first high school love in the name of sophistication and womanhood, Dalle’s transition from punk to groove rock exhibits maturity. Her lyrics transformed from teenage diary schlock to vitriolic poetry as the music lost its recklessness and gained tactfully channeled aggression.

On Coral Fang, Dalle bludgeons you with the hard coveropen book that is her heart. The blow stings at first but behind Dalle’s mask of tattoos, and macabre metaphors lies a frail yearning for affection and approval. As the opening track “Drain The Blood” fades out with her banshee screams of “he’s gone away” Dalle shows she is unafraid to reopen old wounds. Even punk girls get the blues.

If you’re walking the fine line between tears and property destruction, then the cathartic stylings of Coral Fang are for you.51HovdTsbmL._SL500_AA280_